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I am a native Santa Rosan, and I am 31 years old. I have two children ages 14 and 5 (currently in 2021). I started S.A.S Camp in January 2021 in honor of my late theater director Dyan Foster. She dedicated her life to teenagers that needed guidance and support, away from juvenile hall and a lifetime of probation. I was one of those kids who had a hard time being a kid. She gave me a safe space to act my age with the program Teens Teaching Through Theater under the organization Routes for Youth. When she passed in 2016, it seemed like our teacher had disappeared and there was no substitute. After a while I realized I couldn't wait for her any longer. I couldn't wait for her programs to magically reappear and start once again, so I found a way to impact youth in my own way. Mentorship and coaching is a very efficient way to give young people invaluable skills. It also provides a platform to pass down incredible wisdom while allowing the youth to share their unique perspectives. Dyan genuinely cared about our traumas and how we see the world. We trusted her with our deepest scars and she always delivered solace. Weather it was profound advice or having us write a script and perform our own stories; allowing us freedom to change anything we wanted to about those memories and sharing messages of hope and survival. I want to make sure that there is still a place where kids can be comfortable learning, healing and sharing. Theater will be available, however I've chosen to create more hands-on activities like an expansive rope course and musical instruments.

With the tax ID number created and the 501c3 status pending, we are well on the way to experiencing operations by summer 2022! Thank you for your time, and welcome to this mission!


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